Toronto Parks and Rec REGISTRATION

It’s that time of year again! Time to book the programming at community centres and city run programs in our neighbourhood.

For those who have gone through the process, you KNOW it’s common for classes to reach capacity quickly. Very quickly.

In our vicinity alone we have access to drama classes, sports, swimming, skating and MORE! But the key is to get on this FAST and secure your spot.

As for the quality of the programming, I’ll be honest, it varies. In my experience you get what you pay for, but there are always diamonds in the rough. Many of the classes offered are extremely affordable which makes then appealing. However, I also notice that it’s much easier to miss a class when the investment is minimal.

Without further ado, below you can find your cliff notes so you can save some time.

TTD: (Top To Do)

  1. Complete and print/save this form FIRST.
  2. Next go here to Set Up Your Account (ASAP). You need a Family Number AND a Client Number for each family member before you register.
  3. STORE your Family Number, Client Number and Family PIN Number in a safe place (create a contact in your phone with ALL info)
  4. Make a SHORTLIST of the programming you are interested in
  5. SEARCH when registration opens for your programs
  6. CALL early, (416-396-7378) as in right when they open registration, because popular classes and locations are known to fill FAST.

Your registration will be confirmed on the spot. I suggest printing your confirmation and receipt. However, the system should house all your past purchases for later review/access.

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