Looking for Childcare?

If there’s one shortage parents know about most, it’s the shortage of childcare.

Especially in the GTA.

So when new openings become available, they’re snatched up faster than opening hour sales on Boxing Day.

What can you do?

Put yourself on the waiting list. Which I can tell you from personal experience, doesn’t always result in an opening for your child. Or your deposit being returned.

Ask your friends when an opening becomes available at their daycare. However, they may not always be privy to openings especially if they are dropping off and picking up before the administration arrives.

Lastly, you can keep your eyes peeled for postings and ACT ON THEM FAST! And of course, check this site for NEWS as it happens in the Don Mills/Banbury neighbourhoods.

So if you are looking for a place for your child in the area, CALL RIPPLETON ROADSTERS NOW as they have 2 open spots that will surely be filled soon!

Don’t wait!

Here are their details:

Rippleton Roadsters


Good luck🙌🏼

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