Kid Friendly Brunch

Are you a Brunch person?

I certainly am. So by default, this makes my son a brunch connoisseur in the making.

Now, I certainly love hosting brunch at my home making ALL my favourite foods and enjoying them as our leisure.

However, there are times it’s nice to get out and explore a bit. How else would I find NEW dishes to love???

You too? Then if you haven’t tried it yet, allow me to introduce you to: BRUNCH AT VIA CIBO, in the Longos Plaza.

Better known for their Italian dinners and sodas, they’ve expanded their menu and their restaurant, to include BRUNCH!

Boy oh boy are you in for a treat when you try their simple yet flavourful specialties.

Hope to see you there!

And if you go, remember to mention you read about them on MAMA IN THE KNOW.

TTD (Top To Do)

1) Via Cibo is located at: 808 York Mills Rd.

2) They open at 10:00am on weekends

3) No reservations needed

4) My Fave, pictured above, is the Caprese Frittata. Choose your fave here: Via Cibo Menu

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