Birthday Party @Kidnasium

Isn’t it great when your business bestie has kids the same age? That means even MORE time together to talk shop and get some fun time in 😉

This weekend was one of those times when our kids brought us together, after a looooong dry spell as our schedules have been super busy lately.

Enter: Kidnasium, a kid gymnastics centre at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton.

The space was reminiscent of Gymboree but more suited to kids aged 4+.

There was no lack of cushioned padding and the parallel bars were a great way for the littles to test their monkeying skills.

My favourite part of the location was the private room where the “party” was held. It was clean, spacious and bright. Ripe for games of tag plus long jump attempts over the big red rug.

However, here were a couple drawbacks in my opinion.

1) Parking was a challenge (although anywhere along Eg east of Yonge will be a drag due to the LRT line construction)

2) Signage was confusing (once we managed to see the sidewalk A frame we proceeded upstairs directly into a different party room)

Overall, I feel the private classes and east facing party room are likely the best bets when booking this space.

Check them out here:


745 MT. Pleasant Rd. Toronto, ON


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